Monday, 22 March 2010

Convention Time, UK Web Thing 2010 & Schmurgencon 4

It's only a few days now till the Uk Web and Mini Comix Thing on Saturday the 27th of March. I will be at table 46 selling the brand new and awesome 'Gin Palace' and both issues of 'Great Deeds Against the Dead', also my many slightly older comics and my new range of stuffed 'Bog Wizards' toys. If you are in London why not come along and say hello (and buy something).

Then I will be straight off to Schmurgencon 4 at the pub for more comics, and beer. Why not come to that too?

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Dave said...

Hope you enjoy the big event Rob (and that Webcomix thing beforehand too. Titter)

Let's raise an uncompromising glass to good sales.


fabtoons said...

See you tomorrow!!