Monday, 29 March 2010

Convention Report - UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2010 & Schmurgencon 4

I had a great time at these two events on Saturday. Here is the obligatory photo of all my stuff set up. I had stolen the idea of making little cardboard standy up things from Dave Hughes.

I had a really good day and managed to sell £40 of comics which paid for my table, so thats excellent! It is very encouraging for the future. There were lots of early sales which put me in a good mood straight away and by half past ten I had already sold as many comics as in 2009. Thanks everyone who bought something or came to talk to me!

After the thing finished I went to Schmurgencon 4 and watched the excellent Schmurgen awards while eating a cheeseburger. These are sure to become the new benchmark of UK Comics awards. I tried to take some photos but my phone wasn't working in the dark, here's a proud Paul Rainey with his award from his blog.


David Robertson said...

I'm glad it went well. The Thing has really carved a place for itself in the world of UK comics...

rob jackson said...

Thanks! i'll be going again next year as it went well.