Friday 23 May 2008

Curio Cabinet 3 - John Brodowski
This is my favourite of the Curio Cabinet series so far. John is from Rutland in the USA and I assume lives deep in the wild American woods, drawing with hand crafted birch sticks. his comics are therefore full of bears and trees and nature. This one is very cool, he draws in pencils a bit like Banal Pig does, with no inking. There are two main stories, 'Silent Watcher', where two men are on a cross country trip when one of them is struck by a bear and thrown into a kind of nirvana and 'Hot Rockin' where various musicians play, summoning giant dinosaurs from the deep. There are also a number of stories starring Jason from 'Friday the Thirteenth' in a reflective mood. Highly recommended, by me.
Secret Acres

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