Sunday 18 May 2008

Bristol Comics Expo 2008 reviews

I thought I would review the comics I enjoyed at this years Bristol Comics Expo. Before I start i'll just say 'who am i to review things?' Well i'm going to do it anyhow as I don't think there are enough reviews around these days. The first comic I'm going to review is-

ROBOTS the 2008 Accent UK Anthology
This is my favourite yet of the Accent anthologies, last years was good but I am just very bored with zombies. It is very good value at £8 at the expo, its very long and professional looking. I'll just go through and mention some of the stories I liked best. I really liked the art on Kingdom, the first story, especially the robot. David Baillie did interviews again, like in Zombies, and they were all funny one page stories, especially the one with a robot getting old. I was very keen on the art in 'Divinity Existence and Toast' as well by Benjamin Dickson. 'The Creator' by Tony Hitchman & Leonie O'Moore was a good robot spin on that Lovecraft story - 'The Outsider'. Other stories I enjoyed were 'Made Men' and 'Null and Void'.

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