Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Matsumoto Taiyou - No. 5 Volume 1

 This is a very fancy manga from Matsumoto Taiyou. It has lots of colour dustjackets and fold out paintings. It's about a group of global security masters who are protecting the world. One of them goes rogue so the others decide whether to kill them or what else to do. It's a lovely looking book so well worth buying for the artwork, as always with Matsumoto. This was the hardest of my manga purchases to follow so I didn't understand the story properly, the first two came out in English but they never finished the series which is a shame.

 It is full of drawings of animals, nearly every page has at least a few.

 There's a lot of violent fights in some sections as the masters try to kill each other with assassins or by battling in the thick dark forests.
There is a very fancy colour fold out painting at the back of the book, with a lot more animals.

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