Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Derf Backderf - Trashed

I really liked the other Derf book I have read, 'My Friend Dahmer' so I bought this one a couple of weeks ago. It's a fictionalised version of his time as a binman in the small American town where he grew up. It's really good. Even though he has fictionalised the stories they still feel very real, and he must have used a lot of real events. There's stories about picking up foul bags of rotten stuff, filled with maggots, working in the freezing winter, and his strange co-workers. They are cool and interesting. I wonder if they have wheelie bins now in America, I guess not in the small places.

There's also a bunch of stuff about where rubbish goes and landfill sites. I would have liked more of the stories instead of the factual stuff, but thats because it's all about rubbish in America and you can just think 'I bet it's not as bad here in the UK' and not have to think about it.
Here's Derf's blog, they are making a film of 'My Friend Dahmer' so he talks about that.

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