Monday, 4 August 2014

John Robbins - Unlucky Unlikely

I hadn't read a new comic for a few months so I was very pleased to get John Robbins new book. It's a proper 76 page book published by Phil Barrett's Black Shapes Books. You can buy it here.

It's a collection of the Tom Bennett stories from 'Curtains', 'The Well Below' and 'Inside Outsiders' so I'd read some of it before, but there's new chapters too and it is all repositioned and makes more of a single storyline. Putting all the stories together in a book makes it more dark and disturbing, but also funnier, with running jokes. I really liked it. It's probably John's best work and would be a great introduction to his comics if you'd never read any before.

Forty-something Tom Bennett meets a woman he used to fancy at school, a child has gone missing in Dublin and there's a death in the family. Tom tries to deal with his mother and make women see him as a sexual being. His habit of speaking lines from films and poems at exactly the wrong moment will get him into trouble.

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