Monday 29 July 2013

Leeds Cross Cultural Book Fair 2013 Report

I went to the Leeds Cross Cultural Book Fair on Friday to try and sell some comics. It was in the St John's Centre, on a balcony and in a cafe. The organisers and cafe staff were very nice and friendly, they brought us free coffee, cakes and crisps all day, so that was great. I was worried it would be way too hot, but it wasn't too bad. It got a bit stuffy in the afternoon so I had to keep wandering about so as not to fall asleep.
It was very quiet for visitors but I managed to sell enough comics to cover all my costs of getting there so I was happy with that. Thanks to everyone who came along to have a look, or buy my comics! I wonder if it was busier on the Saturday (as it was a two day event) but I had to go do a market. If you didn't come along, or missed me, why not buy some of my comics from my website.

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