Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Simon Moreton - Grand Gestures

Here's Simon Moreton's new comic which was published by Retrofit Comics. I was not sure about this one before I bought it, would it be too abstract for me and not have enough story? I do still like a story.

The first part 'October' looked really nice but seemed the same as the rest of Simon's recent work. Then I read the second part 'Sales Fair' and was blown away. The character buys coffee and then goes to look at a flock of geese. Its really beautiful and moving. I really loved the page where the character is buying coffee and your brain just fills in the rest of the service station from just a few lines of the coffee stall. The third part 'November' is good too but the second part was the one I really liked. They all fit together though to make a good story.
Very highly recommended.

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