Friday 5 April 2013

John Robbins - Curtains

Here's the latest comic from John Robbins. His website is here. It starts with a short story, then a text story and then a really long story for the rest of the comic, 'The Heart Bowed Down by Weight of Woe' which is the best one. It's about a son at his parents house and his mother tells him that his father has just died in bed upstairs. They both keep putting off ringing for an ambulance or a doctor. The mother wants to have some food and watch TV, and the son goes out on a weird kind of date which seems to end badly as he says the wrong thing. There seems to be lots of things going on in the background but none of the characters take much notice. The drawings really great, with strange very cartoony faces on all the characters, which add a lot to the effect. It's a very good story.

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