Wednesday 25 July 2012

Comics I Got at Milton Keynes Comic Fair

Here's a photo of the comics I bought and traded at the Milton Keynes Comics Fair.
They are (from the top) 'The Lion and the Unicorn - Volume 0' by Ash Pure. This is a very fancy comic all in colour with nice printing, about an alternate reality Britain with lots of psychic powers.
'Too Much Sex and Violence - Issue 3' by Rol Hirst and many artists. This is my favourite issue yet of this series, its getting better as the stories build and I really like the cover.
'Monkeys Might Puke - Volume 2 Issue 1' by Dan Lester. More 'Monkeys Might Puke'! I really like the shitty leprechaun story.
'The Whale House - part 1' by Andrew Cheverton and Chris Doherty. This is a great start to a new series, it's very intriguing. A man called Diggory finds out he was adopted and then ends up at a strange house where everyone seems to know him, but think he is someone else. I'll be very interested to see where this goes next and Chris' drawing is great.
'Thunder Brother: Soap Division - 1 The Apprentice' by Paul Rainey. I like this a lot and even though I've read it all on the internet it's great to have it on paper as it's much more fun to read. I do like things on paper better. The back up stories are good too.

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Rol said...

Glad you liked #3 Rob - it's my favourite issue so far too!