Thursday, 26 April 2012

Romantic Mayhem Anthology

I really enjoyed this Irish anthology. A lot of the stories are parodies of Romance comics, and they nearly always make me laugh. It's a good funny subject to choose. It's a nice thick little book, and nearly all in colour too.

'What's Roy Thinking?' by Paddy Brown and Gar Shanley made me laugh, and it looks exactly right for the comics it's trying to parody. I really like the drawing. I enjoyed 'This Never Heavenly Heart' by Cathal Duggan about faded Southern Belles. The art reminded me a bit of Michael Kupperman and the story made me laugh again. 'Perfect Nadine' by Ian Pettitt was funny too. I really enjoyed John Robbins story 'All the Way', its quite a sweet story for him. John Robbins and Philip Barrett's text story 'Hand in Marriage' was very creepy indeed and sticks in your mind unpleasantly. And I also enjoyed 'Star Crossed Love' by Deidre de Barra and Gar Shanley which made me laugh again, and had art that looked just right too. The other stories were all pretty good as well.

A very good anthology and highly recommended, here's the website for it so you can have a look.

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