Sunday, 29 January 2012

'Jackson Family Stories'

I am starting the research for my new comic today. At the moment it's called 'Jackson Family Stories' and it's going to be a load of old family tales. They are good stories so it should be interesting to draw. Before I start drawing them I'm looking at the old family photos and trying to get the faces right. I'm not sure if any of these family members will be in the stories themselves but they will look like the even older generations. I'll put some drawings up here soon once I manage to get them right.

My Great Aunt Olive was a matron.

My grandad and grandma's wedding photo.
Isabella Jackson, wife of Robert below.
Robert Jackson
My grandad winning on the bingo at Butlins.


Anonymous said...

I love the bingo photo!

— Orla.

rob jackson said...

It's good isn't it. I'll draw this somewhere in the comic as I like the writing on the windows.