Monday, 21 November 2011

Leeds Thoughtbubble Report

Here's my table at Leeds Thoughtbubble. I took my green checkered oil cloth that I use for selling ice cream at markets. I was going for a sort of ice cream theme because of my new comic. I thought my table looked a lot nicer than usual so I was happy about that. I went to Leeds on the train on Saturday morning so it was a very early start.

The Saturday went really well. My table was in a good place, at the end of a row, with no queue problems like last year. I sold three times as many comics as last time, so I was very pleased. That means I will be going back again next year. Thanks to the organisers, I thought it was very well run. There were plenty of people on the Saturday but it was a bit more spread out, as it was two days long with two halls. That was good as it was easy to walk about and I got to see everyone. I didn't manage to go and look in the other hall as I was stuck behind my table a lot.

The Sunday was very foggy, and so was I, after the Saturday night party. It was a lot quieter and went really dead after dinner. Maybe it should finish about three on the second day so I can get home earlier. I was very tired but managed to get home by half nine on a very busy train. It was really nice to catch up with everyone that I only see at cons.

Here's my haul of comics. I got Michael De Forge's 'Lose - issue 3' from Koyama Press, which is amazing. Also I got Francasca Cassavetti's new comic 'Panic Attacks' and Dan Lester and Oliver Lambdens 'The Killer Next Door' which is the new issue in the Dan Lester Mysteries series. I got Simon M's latest 'Smoo #4' comic and Nick Souzek's 'Falling Away'. Also Colin from Accent UK very kindly gave me a copy of 'Bite Me' by Dylan Meconis. I'll have a read of them all tonight. I saw a lot of other great comics which I will be ordering soon once I sell some more soup.


fabtoons said...

Great to see you at the weekend, Rob.
Still feeling the effects of the party, can't believe how much I spent in the bloody casino.
Sorry I didn't say goodbye, Nick was in a hurry to get on the road. We still didn't get back to London until 8.30, thank god I wasn't driving.
Ice Cream comic is so brilliant - I'm really looking forward to Part two!

rob jackson said...

Thanks Francesca, was great to see you too. I really enjoyed your new comic, I'll have a proper read of it tonight once my brain starts working again.