Saturday 10 September 2011

Jesse Moynihan - Forming Volume 1

I enjoyed Jesse Moynihan's 'Forming'. This is the first part of a trilogy and has been published by Nobrow Press. its the first Nobrow Press book I have bought and as expected the printing, binding and book design are lovely. These all came out as a webcomic first.

The drawing is great and I love the colours. Its a mythological kind of story with all sorts of space aliens and superbeings from Zoroastrian, Christian and Dogon creation stories all landing on prehistoric earth. Then they all start mating with the earth people, messing around and fighting each other. Everyone talks in American stoner talk, a bit like in Multiforce or CF's work. 'Let me take him Dad, I'll unravel his balls into long parallel lines' says Cain. I'd like to find out where he goes with Volume 2.

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