Tuesday, 30 August 2011

John Robbins - The Well Below

I really enjoyed John Robbins' latest comic 'The Well Below'. I think it is my favourite of all his comics that I've read. It has two short cartoon stories, and then a long text piece 'The Time Machine' which is really good, and then it ends with a great longer comics story, 'The Well Below'. Very highly recommended, why not give it a try. Here's a link to his website.


John Robbins said...

Thanks for that, Rob. I look forward to returning the gesture when I gets me clammy paws on Flying Leaf Creature.

The Well Below isn't available online yet, but a free copy to any Rob-reader who emails me their address - rhubarb108 (at) hotmail.com

rob jackson said...

Hi John, I've sent your copy of Flying Leaf Creature off today so it shouldn't be long.