Wednesday 22 June 2011

Duk Boki

For many years I have had a dream, which was too once again eat a particular very hot Korean street food. I had it ten years ago in Taejon and have very fond memories of drunkenly eating loads of it at a little street stall. It's my favourite street food ever.

Last week I found it was called Duk Boki (by searching on the internet, why hadn't I done that before?) so I found a recipe here, and made it for my tea tonight. It was very nice, and tasted pretty much as I remembered. I changed the recipe a bit by adding some deep fried tofu, green peppers, thai fish balls and a bit of shredded cabbage. It's not exactly the same as I remember of course, the main difference is I had no beer.


John Robbins said...

I suggest you do a search for beer next.

foodforthought said...

wow i that does sound delicious, especially after a few drinks haha.
thanks for sharing, i may have to make that some time.


rob jackson said...

Today I have bought some beers to drink before I finish the second half of it.