Monday 14 March 2011

London Comic & Small Press Expo Report

Here's my stuff on the table at the London Comic & Small Press Expo. I was sharing the table with Francesca Cassavetti, thanks Francesca! Also thanks again to Annie Koyama for kindly paying for my table!

It was a very nice venue with natural light and nice big tables and the show was very well run. It started very slowly though and I was getting worried but it really picked up about 3 pm and in the end I did well. I would definately go back to the show next year. Thanks to everyone who bought a comic!

I didn't buy much stuff due to poverty. I got Francesca's new comic 'Teenage Horror' which is great and has individual lino print covers. Also Nick Soucek's new comic 'A Working City' which was good and the new Bristol based zine 'Bear Pit'.

I had to run off at the end to get to Kendal for my mates wedding do on the train. I made it as far as Preston but then the train I was on was badly delayed and I missed the last connection with a bunch of other people. Luckily the train people were very nice and helpful and sent us to Lancaster on another train and then paid for a taxi for me to Kendal, so I was only half an hour later than I should have been. Then I got drunk at the wedding do and had a dance. Next morning I got up and had a good full English breakfast and then travelled to Nether Kellett to sell cheese for an hour. My mum and dad were kindly running the stall the rest of the time. That went really really well and making money filled me with energy again. Then that faded away on the way home and now I am very knackered.

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