Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sfar, Trondheim, Boulet - Dungeon - Zenith 3 - Back in Style

Here’s the third part of the main Zenith story from Dungeon. It’s been ages since one of this part of the series has come out so it’s good to see what happens next. Zenith is set at the height of the dungeons power in the middle of the many stories set at different times.
Boulet is doing the art for this book, I hadn’t heard of him before. It’s really great drawing as to be expected, it took me a little while to get used to the different way he draws the characters. The faces are all quite different. The violence level seems to have gone up a bit in this book with loads of fights and brutal deaths of the many hordes of enemies, also loads of lawyers have appeared! Brrrrrr.

In this book the Keeper has to take out a massive loan to pay for his wedding to Princess Isis. Herbert the duck runs off with her and everyone chases after. The Keeper defaults on his loan and everyone is kicked out of the dungeon which becomes the property of the scheming Delacourt (previous owner of Herbert’s magic sword). Hmm, this is sounding very confusing but it’s a really complicated plot. In the second half Herbert has to return to his home city of birds, which he is banished from on pain of beheading. He goes under a magical disguise which gives him ‘The Face of Death’.

I still really like Dungeon. It is very very enjoyable and fun to read.

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