Sunday 28 June 2009

Jeremy Dennis, Ellen Lindler & Mardou - Whores of Mensa 4

Whores of Mensa 4 is subtitled 'Les Dames de Paris', it's got a great cover with all the famous women of Paris on it, there's a guide on the back page so you can find out who they all are which is nice. This is a very good issue of Whores of Mensa, all about Paris obviously. It has three long stories in it and a couple of one page stories too, also an interview with Vanessa Davis. I've not read anything much by her yet, but she is on my list to get something from...
I enjoyed Jeremy Dennis' 'Les Chthulettes' about dancing Lovecraft monsters. Ellen Lindler tells the story of Lee Miller (I knew her for her photojournalism, but I didnt know much else about her before this) and Mardou tells the story of Anais Nin. Well worth buying.

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