Sunday 19 April 2009

Page 7 of 'Great Deeds Against the Dead'

Here's half of page 7 of my new horror story 'Great Deeds Against the Dead'. It's not cleaned up, and I haven't added some grey ink yet. I've had a lot of trouble with the drawing for this story, I've had to stick so many bits of paper on the pages to correct mistakes that they are getting really thick. I think it's finally starting to get better now. I was thinking of leaving some of the mistakes and fixing them all at the end but looking at them was annoying me so I had to sort them out before I could carry on. It's going to end up being fairly long, I might serialize it over a couple of comics, not sure yet.

Also I have drawn a 3 page fan art story for Schmurgen Jonerhaff after going to Schmurgen Con last month, you can see it here.

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