Monday 6 October 2008

Birmingham International Comics Show Report

Birmingham was very disappointing this year. I did ok on the Sunday, I would have been happy with the amount of sales and interest my comics got for a normal Sunday at Bristol, but I did really badly on the Saturday. I was ill all weekend with the flu which didn’t help but it just wasn’t worth the effort and cost of going. The venue and everything was great and for once it wasn’t too hot. It was also nice to catch up with lots of people and meet some new ones. Went for a good balti too on the Saturday night.

I think mainstream Comics Festivals just aren’t the right audience for my stuff, they sell much better to non comic fans than comic fans who just don’t seem interested at all. Most of them don’t even look at my stuff. I always do all right at Bristol though, I don’t know what the difference is…

I’m still going to Leeds next month which should be ok as its so cheap to go to, and will be worth it just to meet people and have a laugh, but I’m going to have to have a big think about where to try and sell my comics. If I didn’t go to conventions at all I would make money on the comics instead of losing loads of cash just to sell a few copies. I’ve sold lots at Travelling Man in Manchester and to America this month so maybe I will concentrate on that.

Secret Acres had my comics at SPX the same weekend so I’ll see how they went on selling them there.

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