Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Amanda Vahamaki - The Bun Field

This is a little book, it’s not much longer than an ordinary comic. It’s got a weird dream logic to it, where stuff happens one thing after another. A young boy wakes up, finds a huge lumpy stranger in his kitchen wanting to be fed, goes for a drive in a car with a bear, knocks out one of his teeth, has some home dentistry and goes to plough a field. The drawing is lovely, its all pencil with smudges and no rubbing out of the sketches and lines behind the drawings. It’s quite sad and has a melancholy feeling to it. The boy is forced to do a lot of things he doesn’t want to do, just like in a dream. As it is so dream like it does seem a bit random at times, so only worth getting if you don’t mind that kind of experience, though it is worth it for the drawing alone. All the Scandinavian cartoonists seem to be the next big thing at the moment, there are lots of their books coming out, and lots of interesting artists to find there.


fabtoons said...

You are forgetting Tove Jansson and the Moomins! She was finnish. And wonderful.

rob jackson said...

doh, i am stupid to forget Tove Jansson, i've mentioned them on here too. I have edited my blog post now. The Moomins are awesome.