Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sheffield Zine Fest

I'll have a stall at Sheffield Zine Fest on Saturday. I'll have my new 'Japan Sketchbook', all my 'Flying Sausage Academy' series, 'Ragnar the Cheesemonger', all the 'RhiZome' anthologies and lots more. Why not come along if you live near Sheffield, it's always a good show. It's at the Hub in the middle of town.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Japan Sketchbook

I've just brought out my Japan Sketchbook. It is 28 pages, plus covers, black and white and A5 sized. I'm only doing a limited number of copies. It's full of sketches, drawings and photographs from my recent two week holiday in Japan. I went to Kyoto, Nara, Yudanaka and Tokyo. If you would like one I'll have copies at the Sheffield Zine Fest on Saturday or you can buy them from my Comicsy page for £3.70 with free postage in the UK. Thanks!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Taiga Sassa - Isabella Bird in Wonderland - Vol 1

This is a cool little manga. It's the manga version of a book from 1878 written by Scottish adventurer Isabella Bird, who travelled from Edo to the far North of Japan. I'd heard about the book from my guide book to Japan, so when I saw the manga I bought it. I wish they'd have had more volumes as she meets the Ainu in Hokkaido later in her adventures and I would have liked to see that.

In this first volume she hires a guide and tries to get used to Japanese food as she starts to travel North.

She is attacked by hundreds of fleas while sleeping. She gets over this and starts to enjoy some of her adventures. She makes friends with a young Japanese girl. I liked the drawing and the story was easy enough to follow in Japanese.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rumiko Takahashi - Urusei Yatsura 15 & 16

I haven't got any of the Urusei Yatsura books in Japanese so I picked up these two. I bought all my manga from Books Off in Akihabara. They were having a massive sale and I spent a long time going through the shelves.

I was thinking about Urusei Yatsura a lot on my holiday as we were in Nara for Setsubon. That's the day when children throw beans at Oni to drive them out, it's very familiar from the manga.

 Here's some Oni in the Nara deer park. They must be cold.

And here's some fancier Oni at the big celebration that night, running round on the stage in front of the temple with flaming torches. A hero came on after a bit and fought them until they surrendered.  Then local dignitaries threw packets of lucky sweets to the crowd.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Japan Holiday

For my fourtieth birthday I went to Japan again, this time with my brother. We went to Kyoto, Nara, Yudanaka (in the mountains to see the snow monkeys and onsen) and Tokyo. It was great. I bought a bag of manga too so I'll mention them on here once I read them. I've drawn a sketchbook so I'll try and get that out in time for Sheffield Zine Fest in two weeks. It'll be a little phoocopied thing.

Inari Shrine, Kyoto


 Deer at Nara

 Snow monkeys! They swim in a hot spring. 

Hokusai Museum in Obuse. There was a lot of snow up in the mountains.

Akihabara Electric Town where I found a really cheap manga shop, Books Off. 100 yen manga books!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Trains and Surprises

More panels from my new comic.

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Panels of a crane from my new comic.