Thursday, 27 November 2008

My Website

You may have noticed that my website is getting a bit out of date. It was described by The Daily Crosshatch as 'careful.. it's very nineties...' Also my two newest comics '8 Stories' and 'Bog Wizards' are not mentioned on it (if anyone would like these please e mail me, '8 Stories' is £2.50 and 'Bog Wizards' is £2). Now I have a new computer I'm going to re-do the whole thing over Christmas and hopefully launch a brand new 21st century sort of website in the New Year.


EliandMe said...

Just tell people it's deliberately 'retro'. 90's nostalgia is very in don't you know x

rob jackson said...

I am hoping i will have caught up a few years and my new website will be described as very 2003 or sometime like that.