Monday, 2 May 2016

Sheffield Zine Fest Report

Sheffield Zine Fest was good again this year, I really enjoyed it. It had moved to a new venue, the Hubs, where the student union things are. It was a nice big space and still very near to the train station. It was a little quieter than other years, maybe because it was the bank holiday weekend with a lot of other stuff going on, but the people who came were very interested and bought lots of my comics. In the end I broke even on the day, with travel and table costs, so I'm always happy to do that. Thanks everyone who looked at my stuff or bought anything and thanks to the organisers for another very well run event!

It was great to catch up with Simon Moreton and Nick Soucek who had booked tables. I did lots of swaps and bought some zines too, here they are below...

I got Simon Moreton's 'Minor Leagues #1' which is Simon's new zines / comic project, Nick Soucek's 'The Writing on My Shoes' which I have read now and is very good, 'The Downfall' by Brunez, 'Sex with Animals' by Jacob Louis Beaney, 'Adventures in Menstrating #7' by Chella Quint, 'About a Girl #1' by Sam Duffy and 'You are Not the Worst' by Doug Jensen. I'm going to read the rest of them soon once I recover from the weekend. I had markets on Sunday and Monday after the zine fest so I'm knackered now.


Colin M said...

You've a lot of books out now Rob! Sounds like you did well but a busy time with the other markets, which do you enjoy more the comic fairs or food markets or is that a silly question?

rob jackson said...

Well, the two food markets I did were on Sunday and Monday and it rained and was freezing cold and very quiet, so I enjoyed the comic fair a lot more.

I did take a lot of books, I never know which ones will sell. I sold some 'A Handful of Groats' and a 'Goblin Hall' and I haven't sold any of them for ages.

Colin M said...

Ha! Ha! Yep the weather makes a huge difference!

Can sympathise with the stock dilema, no rhyme or reason sometimes but good that the older stuff still sells. I guess we forget that there's always someone there who's seeing the books for the first time :)

rob jackson said...

This last weekend was a load better, I sold lots of ice cream and sat around in the sun all day.

An outdoors comic festival would be nice, except for the possible rain and wind.