Saturday, 18 April 2015

Front Cover for 'Flying Sausage Academy'

Here's the front cover for my new comic 'Flying Sausage Academy'. It's the first part of a new series. I've sent it to the printers now, and approved the proof copy, so it'll be out soon.

I've decided to start getting all my minicomics printed from now on as the price of photocopying keeps going up. I'll only get photocopies of any older comics that sell out and I want to keep in stock. This way I also get colour covers and better printing.


John Robbins said...

I likes it, Rob (I'm a between-meals vegetarian, me). You've got a touch of the Andy Warhols going on there.

rob jackson said...

Thanks! I used a real fork to draw round, but a fake sausage.

Colin M said...

Hi Rob, looks interesting as always, like the cover - looks like a real sausage to me ��

Colin M

rob jackson said...

Thanks Colin!