Monday, 15 November 2010

'Gin Palace 2' is here

'Gin Palace 2' is just back from the printers now. It looks great. You can buy it from my website shop here or from me at Leeds Thought Bubble on Saturday. It is £3, with free postage in the UK and Europe. Please add one pound postage for the rest of the world.

I'll send out the contributors copies tomorrow, except for the people who are at Leeds. I'll bring your copies along then, to save a bit of postage.

Thanks everyone! Here's the contributors list again-

Andrew Cheverton

John Robbins
Dave Hughes
Francesca Cassavetti
Jarod Rosello
Pete Batchelor
Barry Cook
Rob Jackson
Paul Rainey
Brad Foster


fabtoons said...

Yay! Really looking forward to seeing it at Leeds!

rob jackson said...

Its come out very well, I think. Thanks for the story!