Thursday, 15 October 2009

Oliver East - Proper Go Well High

This is Oliver East’s second book. It’s really good. There’s a fancy review of it here from Richard Bruton.

Oliver spends a lot of time trying to draw things in new ways, such as wind and rain. I really like the way he draws wind in this book, as little spirally things. There are some very beautiful pages in here, especially the buildings in Manchester near the start and the pages where he draws paths going round buildings on otherwise white pages. Those are really good. Some of the pages are really hard to decipher as to what they are, it makes you slow down when you are reading it so it lasts a good while. There were a few I couldn’t work out at all but not very many.

I’m looking forward to his next book which is set in Berlin. I’ve never been there so there won’t be any of the pleasure of recognising things I get from his other stuff but I really like his idea of getting other artists to draw the graffiti on the pages, so that should be cool.

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