Saturday, 26 September 2009

Paul Rainey - There's No Time Like The Present 10

Paul Rainey's 'There's No Time Like The Present' comics are coming out very reguarly now, hurrah! Here's issue 10 and it's great. One of my favourite issues, lots of things happen and we find out more of what's going on. Like issue 9 it's more science fictiony as the concequences of time travel and the ultranet are further explored through the very interesting characters. This one was very poignant I thought. Cool, can't wait for the next one...

I've been in France for a weeks holiday which was nice. It was hot and sunny. Now to get back to drawing 'Great Deeds 2'. I am having ideas for my next project after that which will be called 'Sealand Blight' (hopefully it will be a graphic novel sized comic, though I'll probably bring it out in normal comics as I go along) so I'm starting to do some character designs for that. I want it to look different from my other comics.

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